New Year, New Me?!

How to DODGE the New Year, New Me hype and instead, create lasting change for yourself!

So, it’s 2023…

A brand new year and you set some brand new goals (or hopefully intentions – wink wink) for yourself.

You should already feel really proud. That’s an awesome first step in feeling better and living your absolute best life. Exciting! 

I hope you aim high and start small. 

I’m sure you’ve heard about the common theme when it’s the other way around.

Aiming high and starting BIG (or going super hard).

The outcome is not fun and can leave you feeling further away from your goals then when you first started. 

What tends to happen at the beginning of the year is this driving need to create massive change. 

I get it. 

It’s the new year, a great “starting date”. I can get on board with that.

What I can’t get on board with is trying to implement MASSIVE change, like so many things all at once. 

It’s kind of an old school health and fitness gym culture/mentally. You know, like a “30 day challenge” or “90-day transformation challenge”. 

No habits are actually instilled during these periods.

We’re too hyper-focused on losing as much weight as possible in this short period of time.

Typically, there’s an unrealistic expectation of weight loss. 

Instead, throughout this year, I hope that you take your time to reach your goals. 

I hope that you practice self-compassion and I hope that you accept yourself as is.

Know that you are amazing and you WILL reach your goals. 

Here is how I recommend dodging the New Year, New Me hype and instead, create lasting change! 

1. Tune out and tune in.

What is it that you really want?

Let’s create less attention towards what the world around you is telling you and more attention on what YOU want for YOU.

If you didn’t yet, set your intentions! Refer back to our previous blog of How to Set Your Intentions for 2023.

Carve some time out in your day to slow down. 

Whether it’s picking up a meditation practice, going for a walk, or driving around mindlessly; carve out the time to just be.

Taking the time to slow down, of course, has immense physical and mental benefits but to stay focused on this topic, slowing down will help you stay and feel present.

You’ll be reminded that there is in fact NO RUSH when it comes to your health and fitness goals.

You’ll feel the sense that everything is okay and you’ll realize (if you haven’t already) that everything is alright. 

Manifestation and Visualization 

I want you to write a letter to yourself.

Your future self; let’s say 6 months from now self, is writing to your today self.

Get really real with yourself. We offer an 8-Week Nutrition Coaching Program at E5 and this is one of our very first practices.

It works – try it!

There aren’t actually any rules here.

Tell yourself how you feel on the average day, what you enjoy doing for fun, changes you see or feel and how you feel about yourself.

Like I said, there are really no rules.

Just write from you to you. 

Find Your Tribe

Yes, of course, I mean us #E5Tribe. =]

I also mean be mindful of your surroundings and communities.

Do the people, places, and things around you support the changes you are creating?

It could be as simple as “unfollowing” pages or people on social media that no longer serve you or sitting in a different area of the “break room”.

Maybe it’s simply celebrating the amazing Tribe you are surrounded by! #FindYourTribe 

Your environment and the community you are a part of plays an integral role is your overall quality of life, health, and wellbeing. 

Start with your morning

So far, recommendations 1-4 are actionable on a really zoomed out scale.

If we can zoom in for just one second, let’s focus on your morning routine.

Your morning can be anytime; 4:00am, 8:00am, or 2:30pm. For this conversation, the time of day you wake up doesn’t matter but what you do with your time does. 

Once you wake up, and I literally mean once you have consciousness that it’s a new day, take action on simple 3 habits.

Your 3 habits should feel easy with no stress attached. 

You want your 3 actions to align with your intentions and manifestation. 

Your 3 actions could be: Recite a mantra, take 3 deep breaths, wash my face. Maybe it’s Stand in the sun, recite what I am grateful for, sip on my morning coffee. 

Again, you want the habits to be simple, easily accessible, and to feel easy. 

Tuning out the noise and tuning in with yourself will help you see opportunities for quiet time. You’ll feel more grounded and settled in yourself and your decisions. With your newfound quiet time, manifestation, visualization, and even reflection time will come naturally. Reflection time will help you acknowledge what is currently serving you and what may no longer be. 

but first, coffee. 😉 Start with your morning routine. Who knows – maybe that’s where you find your quiet time 🙂 

Remember to start slow. Aim high. Start small. I am rooting for you <3

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call or text me directly (954) 420-9889

Much love, 


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