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“I feel like I am
much stronger
than a year ago.”

— Eileen, Boca Raton.

Real People. Their Success.

Maybe we’re bias (okay, we totally are) but our members success stories are completely jaw dropping. Some starting their health and fitness journey later life while others are just here for the booty gains. #JudgementFree. We’re just real people living our healthiest and best lives.

“The more I went (to E5), the better I felt. With neuropathy in both my feet, I loved working out to re-learn how to move with stability and balance on both sides of my body.”

— Fran Sullivan, Parkland FL

Less about us.

More about you.

Your story matters to us. Your journey is unique.

Let us help you tell your best story yet.

“ I wanted to tell you how good I feel when I leave class. I love it!! I can’t wait for more! My mobility and flexibility has increase so much since I started. I surprise myself every class. Looking forward to the future.”

— Linda, Coconut Creek

Live Confidently.
Feel Good.

“Coach Sooz checks-in on more than just a physical level; emotional and mental health as well.”

— Arielle K., Parkland FL

“Amazing approach to teaching everything from nutrition to proper form. The workouts are fun and always feel supported.”

— Jen F., Parkland FL.