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Like you, we’re frustrated by the lack of care and confusion in the health and fitness industry.

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Our Mission is to empower our Tribe to elevate their State of Health, while create a Community filled with Trust and Support.
Our Vision is to live in a world where health and fitness is accessible to all! 

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“I feel like I am much stronger than a year ago.”

Eileen Boca Raton

“The more I went (to E5), the better I felt. With neuropathy in both my feet, I loved working out to re-learn how to move with stability and balance on both sides of my body.”

Fran Sullivan Parkland FL

“Coach Sooz checks-in on more than just a physical level; emotional and mental health as well.”

Arielle K Parkland FL

Dream Team

Yes, we’re fitness professionals but more than that, we’re Coaches that Care.

Estee Beck

Hollywood, FL

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Gina Daigle

Deerfield Beach, FL

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Sofia Fernandes

Maracay, Venezuela

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Esther Kinberg

Boca Raton, FL

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Laurie Levenstein

Buffalo, NY

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Sofia Peña

Asunción, Paraguay

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Sabreena Sandoval

Torrace, California

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Sooz Melissa

Montreal, Canada

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