Here is why YOU should start Meditating.

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years in the east and is now gaining immense popularity in the west due to its physical and mental health benefits. Its benefits are numerous, but here are five compelling reasons why you should start today.

1. It’s easier than you think

Let me dispel a myth and take some pressure off right from the start. Meditation is not about stopping your thoughts! In the beginning, it is about noticing the thoughts. As you progress, it is about slowing the thoughts. Later, it becomes about lengthening the spaces between the thoughts. We are habitual thinkers and to expect complete stillness of thought from the beginning is enough to send any new meditator running in the opposite direction! The practice of meditation is about a still body and focused mind. Most of us can spend a few minutes in stillness, and most of us can also spend a few minutes focussing. If you can sit for 5 minutes and focus, then you can learn to meditate! 

2. It helps to reduce stress

Stress reduction is one of the top reasons why people start meditating. Stress affects our physical, mental and emotional health in a very real way. Studies have shown that habitual meditators are able to reduce the stress hormone, cortisol and reverse physical symptoms of stress related illnesses such as IBS, PTSD, fibromyalgia, anxiety and depression.]

3. It improves sleep quality

High levels of cortisol affect our natural sleep patterns. Reducing cortisol levels through meditation will help you fall and stay asleep at night. Through continuous meditation you also learn how to direct, and redirect, thoughts in a healthy way. This practice helps with run-away thinking at night and will help you fall asleep more peacefully.

4. It helps with focus and attention span

As I mentioned in the opening of this article, meditation starts with a still body and focussed mind. Like any other skill, focus and attention can be practiced. Focussed meditation is like lifting weights for your attention span. The more you do it, the easier it becomes!

5. It enhances self-awareness

During meditation you will become very aware of our physical body, your emotions and your mental patterns and tendencies. With curiosity and a non-judgmental approach you quickly become more self-aware. You will be able to notice self-destructive habits and patterns and learn how to  redirect your thoughts and actions into more positive and productive directions.

Meditation is accessible to everyone!

There is no expensive equipment or space requirements.

All you need is 5 minutes a day to get you started.

For more guidance on how to start a meditation practice, Element Five Fitness offers Monday and Sunday meditation classes as well as a “6-week Meditation Series” that will help you on your way to taking advantage of all the benefits that a regular meditation practice has to offer you.

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