5 Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing system. The giver facilitates the flow of life-force energy towards the receiver. The system is used in many healing settings, including Element Five Fitness.

We know that a well-rounded health and wellness program includes a recovery program and consistent practice.

1. Deep relaxation

The reiki practitioner will create an environment conducive to deep relaxation, including relaxing music, essential oils, gentle lighting and guided breathing, or meditation, to help the participant relax while receiving the reiki energy. The energy of reiki is gentle and helps the body to release deep rooted stress and tension. 

2. Fosters tissue and bone healing after surgery

Surgery, although necessary, can be invasive and create trauma in the body. Reiki gives the body that boost of life force energy that is often depleted during surgery. 

3. Stimulates your body’s immune system

Reiki helps you feel calm and peaceful, which supports balanced functioning of your immune system. And by lowering your baseline stress within the body, the body can fight off disease and illness.

4. Promotes self healing

Reiki works with the body’s own healing system by increasing the flow of life force energy. When the body has physical, energetic, mental or emotional blocks healing is inhibited. Reiki creates balance and promotes healthy flow in all of these areas. 

5. Relieves pain and tension

“Reiki can be used as a complementary therapy to treat different kinds of pain, including chronic pain,” says Martha Lacy, MD, a hematologist at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. The practice of Reiki is now being utilized in major healthcare systems around the United States, including the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and UW Medicine in Seattle.

The gentle, relaxing nature of reiki makes it appropriate for all ages and stages of life.

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